A Foster Placement with His Therapist

After two years in a residential placement, where Holding Therapy took place on a regular basis, this child was moved to a foster placement with his therapist. This is the same child who described his experiences of the therapy in the previous post. In this post Holding Therapy is not directly described but I feel the account provides considerable insight into the motivations of the people who practice HT.

The situation surrounding me going to B……… and T………….’s

I was highly aggressive within there childrens homes and it was said to be decided my the staff team that the could no longer work with me so an order for me to be placed into a secure until was made in the 11th hour B…………’s husband said he had seen me in one of the homes when he was there carrying out maitinance work

And said B………. and him self would foster but looking back this was all set up by B…………… using T……… as the front man. It was the summer holidays when I went there I was told I was having a break from …………but soon after told I would be going back I had fun for the first few weeks I was bought toys clothes computers days out and was given the freedom of any normal kid I also managed to secure a place at an EBD school in ………….. N…………….. school where I would be a week resident and go to T………….. and B….. at weekends I started school and got in to the routine the support from the school was amazing at weekends a typical weekend was cleaning the house and looking after B………….’s profoundly disabled son T…… and B……….. were compleat control freaks I still talk my ex foster sister now and we resent them so much for loss of out child hood. In the house hold there were 8 other children adopted all but one had some sort of disability B…………. always tried to make her self look like the model mother to the out side world she was perfect a role model respected and she knew it and used to lord it over us constantly she hated if we talked to anyone out of the family she hated us having friends its like to wanted to protect what she had built up in her home I myself made the mistake of talking to my head teacher at school about things that were upsetting me ie children been brought back from ….. to be made to sleep on the stairs on the floor no cover just the clothes they had on there back I told my head teacher about …………… and what they did and that weekend I went back to T……. and B…….. I got the biggest bollocking of my life She went beserk you don’t tell anyone not anyone about what goes on in my house or what happened at …………… do you hear me and then would try and start to manipulate me with her fake tears I soon cotton on to that one B……..’s famous fake tears as time went on I started to miss behave at school so I wouldn’t have to go home at the weekends to look after her disabled son and clean am not saying it was all cleaning and baby sitting I mean we had all the gadjets is was like you can have these nice things but there were always a price pay one Friday I had missed behaved at school on purposes so my punish ment would be that I wanst allowed home I was in turmoil B…………. turned up at school I was scared but she managed to get at me and filled me full of false promises so then I went home after about 2 years B………….. came and said I want you to change your name to ………….. and told me to tell my social worker as really controlled well we also attended church and she said she would buy me an armarni shirt if I was baptized into the catholic faith and at that age well yes easily perueded so I did. Shortly later T………… was diagnosed with ME we got extreamly angry and violent many time with all us kids at one point of another it was like livng on egg shells most of the time. On one occasion one of B………….. sons with learning disabiltues dropped some food on the floor he wanted to put it in the bin but she swept up the rest of the kitchen and made him clean the food he had dropped on the floor and muck B…………. loved humiliating and contol at the age of 15 I refused to go home again and was put into a childrens home in preston for the night but I got so much shit of social workers and the care staff saying how wondefull B………… was I just give up and went back can you imagin how hard it is to prove a women is a abuser when she is this pioneering therapist company director and I am just some skank kid in care something just died in side me at 16 I ran way from home as ……………. was verbally assaulting me every day gay boy and other names and once some occasion pushed me around so I ran away again to my ex foster dad who I was with b4 I went into ……………. but again told to go back but this time I didn’t I went out on my own got my own house years later some one got in contact with me and said B……….. wants to talk to you so I thought I would call to see what she had to say I took my partner to meet them and they ripped me to shreds your useless stupid my partner to this day says every time we used to see them I used to turn into a quiver dumb wreck the biggest thing that hurts me is B………. (all letters capitalised) forced me to chuck all my baby photos and passed life down a gap in the house when they were doing a loft conversion so in that house is my passed life just sat in the dust she stole my identity she stole my child hood she was allowed to abuse me as a therapist as a mother because every one thought she was great and there is fuck all I can do about because I still feel like that stupid powerless kid who carnt make the world she what she and her therapy has done to me she has in my eyes made her self invinsable there are so many things to say but writing them all would take soooo long I hope this gives you a bit of an insight if there is anything else you need to know just mail me I hope this s ok for you and to be honest it hurt so much writing this and brought back so many flash backs and memories but also long as I keep telling myself its for a good cause it will keep me strong

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