Interview with Professor Edzard Ernst by Invisible England

Invisible England has recently interviewed Professor Edzard Ernst about his views on Holding Therapy. We are extremely grateful to Professor Ernst for agreeing to discuss this issue with us.

We are also very grateful to Dr Ben Goldacre of the Guardian who has twice raised concerns about Holding Therapy on Twitter recently. As far as we are aware, he is the first mainstream British journalist to point to these concerns. His Tweets have led to thousands of visits to this Blog and many of these visitors have accessed source material such as the BAAF Position Statement and the British Journal of Social Work article by Professor Jean Mercer.


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One response to “Interview with Professor Edzard Ernst by Invisible England

  1. Keep exposing holding therapy/ once called rebirthing therapy. There have been many children killed during treatment.

    I attended the trials of the therapists who killed Candace Newmaker in Colorado, USA. I saw the video tapes of the torture she sustained before finally succumbing to asphyxiation.

    Dr. Jean Mercer is to be applauded for speaking and writing about this.

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