Invisible England Book Published

After experiencing holding therapy (between the ages of 11 and 13) within a highly systematic state-funded programme, a young man resolves to campaign against this unscientific and dangerous treatment. The book describes the legal and criminal investigations, the internet campaign and his extensive correspondence with leading academic figures.

The aim of the book is not to focus on individuals but to provide a social history which ensures that the thousands of children who have experienced this treatment across the world no longer remain invisible.

“A remarkable and disturbing account.”

Professor Jean Mercer 

“The dogged belief in bizarre treatments is an unscientific and dangerous ideology that continues to fail children and their carers, and I think these warped ideas come directly from Holding Therapy and the demonization of maltreated children that it implicitly promotes. Keep up the good work, making sure people hear your voice and your moving story.”

Dr Matt Woolgar, Clinical Psychologist and Project Lead, Evidence Based Measures of Parenting,  National Academy for Parenting Research, King’s College London.

If you wish to buy the book, please click on the cover.


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3 responses to “Invisible England Book Published

  1. estelle beninson

    I have been campaigning against bad psychotherapy since circa 1970 when I was badly treated by someone I later found to be unqualified, in fact he had fake qualifications. He was a Freudian. Its more than an issue of one bad therapy. Even with accepted ideas like Freud and Jung etc., many of the practices lack scientific validation and a therapist with his or her own problems can impose them on a client who many readily accept whatever he is told, no matter how bizarre.

    My experience and those of other victims have been published by
    Witness – the book Broken Boundaries, pub. Lulu

  2. “Invisible England” is a book that had to be written. It is a scandal of the first order that children, in government care, have been systematically tortured 24/7 in the name of “therapy” for so many years. I have observed Attachment (Holding) Therapy for a dozen years in the USA; and I was familiar with survivor’s stories, and with David’s story. Nonetheless, I had to put down the book when not far into it. Besides being a compelling account, survivor stories don’t get any easier to hear. When I took up the book again, I remember thinking, well, it is mercifully short. But then I came across the author’s insightful commentary about the care system. And of course, we want to know why the system – and even people who suspected abuse – failed to help these children. This book stays with you, and is a lesson on how two brave fellows can start a process which hopefully will see the end of this hidden tax-funded sadism. It will be of great interest to see what happens next…

  3. Filmoria is a UK site that has a review of “The Boarder” which is a film entirely dedicated to promoting “RAD” as defined by Attachment (Holding) Therapists. The author is a fan of Attachment Therapy, and Foster Cline in particular. The reviewer obviously isn’t familiar with the background issues.

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