This blog is a successor to the original Invisible England blog which was to be found at anyachaika@wordpress.com. All the posts and some of the comments from the original blog appear in this new edition. The purpose of the blog is to raise awareness of Holding Therapy in the UK – this is a pressing issue as it is clear that the practice continues to take place in its harshest and most confrontational forms.

The most effective way of halting these practices is to shed light on the issue. Given that there is currently a police investigation that is taking place into the programme (an application is currently with the Crown Prosecution Service)  and that a partner in a specialist firm of solicitors (Foot Anstey) has been investigating a legal claim for many months, it is hoped that the mainstream media will consider that there is a current public interest reason to cover the story.

The story seems to be a test of how much society is really concerned about vulnerable children within our care system. Is our capacity for sweeping things under the carpet sufficient to enable us to ignore this issue? Has the introduction of the market into the care system led to the impossiblity of preventing these things from happening?

In his interview with Invisible England Professor Edzard Ernst told us that “the only was forward with this issue was to inform the public”. It is a request from the writers of this blog that you not only tell people about this programme but that you research the issues and use  critical thought to try to understand what it must be like to go through such a sustained, intrusive, frightening and all-encompassing experience.

Correspondence to childtherapyaction@gmail.com

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  1. avalon111

    The Dramatis Personae web site has updated its page on AT/Holding Therapy, and includes some detail about the Company promoting its use in the UK, together with details of another commercial operation in the north-of-England.

    Some links to Invisible England blog entries have been incorporated into the revised entry.

    http://www.dramatis.hostcell.net/candace/candace.html#promotion – The Promotion of Attachment Therapy (Holding Therapy) in the UK

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